Professional Associations and Memberships

As a lawyer who fully understands the public duty and ethical aspects of his profession, Dave volunteers his time and talents to professional organizations, programs that serve the needs of the community, seminars that improve the knowledge of lawyers, efforts that reflect respect for the law as well as promote and preserve the independence of lawyers and the judiciary.  He is especially gratified by his participation as a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Multidisciplinary Practice Commission and its Constitutional Review Commission. In the former, Dave presented a minority position to fend off a significant effort to promote business combinations of lawyers and non-lawyers.  He passionately argued that such relationships would jeopardize the independence of lawyers.   The minority position prevailed thus assuring the preeminencetion of their client’s interests.  A number of years later, Dave was instrumental in assuring that the recommendations of a blue-ribbon Commission’s study of Pennsylvania’s Constitution were presented to the Pennsylvania Bar Association.  Most of the recommendations to improve state government and the judiciary were adopted and now represent the formal policy positions of the statewide organized Bar.